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Hello Fellow FEDs

FEDs on Slack is a small community of highly qualified front end developers.

FEDs on Slack was born organically because we loved using Slack at work. We wanted to create a private space for our friends and other fellow FEDs in the community, and Slack was the perfect way to do it. The open discussion’s and instant response reminded us of good old IRC days. Also the ability to add code snippets, rich links and a powerful search added that missing piece that just isn’t there in regular chat.

We instantly knew that there's something to this "Slack" thing. A way to tap instantly into the mind of a bigger community.

Slack Integrations FTW!

FEDs on Slack is filled with super helpful integrations.

  • Our bot (Tim Berners-Lee)
    Like the original legend, our Tim can do just about anything. He could even re-invent the web if he wanted to.
  • caniuse.com queries
    Chatting about a feature and Need to check it's support among browsers? Just ask @tim: '/caniuse flexbox'.
  • Inline JavaScript Sandbox
    Run JavaScript inline straight from inside our Slack. Just throw JS expressions at it and you'll get immediate results.
  • Browser Emojis
    We've created emojis to represent browsers in chats. Instead of Chrome, for instance, say:
  • And much more!
    We're adding cool stuff all the time. Have something in mind? Just ask for it, or even better - script it yourself!

What's It Like?

We discuss a wide array of topics, including JavaScript, general front end development topics, css, angular, JS, and much more. We also have an #offtopic channel to just shoot the shit, because as it turns out, all of us FEDs have more in common than just our profession. Oh and GIFs, lots and lots of GIFs!

FEDs on Slack is a great way to be a part of a community, without leaving your desktop (or mobile).

The Be Nice Policy

Being a FoS member is all about two things: loving the Front End field and being nice!
We felt great connection with GitHub's values for collaborating online and memorized them as our commandments.

  • If you disagree strongly, consider giving it a few minutes before responding; think before you react.
  • Ask, don’t tell.
  • Explain your reasons.
  • Offer ways to simplify or improve.
  • Be humble. (“I’m not sure, let’s try…”)
  • Avoid hyperbole. (“NEVER do…”)
  • Avoid using derogatory terms, like “stupid”, when referring to the work someone has produced.
  • Consider leading with an expression of appreciation, especially when feedback has been mixed.
  • Be aware of negative bias with online communication. (If content is neutral, we assume the tone is negative.) Can you use positive language as opposed to neutral?
  • Use emoji to clarify tone. Compare “:sparkles: :sparkles: Looks good :+1: :sparkles: :sparkles:” to “Looks good.”

Knock, knock. Who's There?

Hi! We're Yogev and Alex, Front End developers at Fundbox. We’re both very active in the FED community and previously started and managed very successful FED groups on Facebook and Google+.
We started FoS because we felt that using a tool that’s already part of daily work routine to communicate with other FEDs would be an amazing way to bring the front end community together. Currently FoS is invite-only and makes home to . Apply to join here.

Yogev Ahuvia
Yogev Ahuvia
Senior UX Engineer
Alex Wolkov
Senior Web Dude